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July 14, 2011 § 1 Comment

Today is our 2-week anniversary in Five Islands. We are spending the afternoon at the Patten Free Library (PFL) in Bath because there is a nice young person, Chad, working on the house this week. The PFL is a lovely place to spend an afternoon; it has a quiet and comfortable reading room with a view of the Kennebec River. The church across the street is a real stunner against the blue sky today.

Looking across the square from the Patten Free Library

I thought I would take this opportunity to write my first proper blog post since I’m using the library’s wi-fi instead of ours (which is not unlimited or free unfortunately).

We’ve spent the first two weeks slowly unpacking our stuff, doing small projects around the house, shopping for more stuff to fill up the already stuffed house, and getting back to our paid work. The big project this week has been painting the window sashes and trim. Thank goodness it’s a tiny house, because trim takes a long time to paint, especially when there are 2 colors. We are painting the sashes (all the parts of the window that touch the glass) to match the muntins (those thingies that separate panes of glass in the windows). Our muntins are Sandtone, so the sashes will be a sort of light brown. Then the trim, or all the wood that touches the walls, will be bright white. So far, we’ve painted all the sashes in the great room and bathroom and primed much of the trim. Here are some close ups of the Sandtone on the kitchen windows.

Newly painted sashes in kitchen windows

For now, the house is a wreck because Chad has been doing finish work in the kitchen. So there are no pictures of the great room all put together. I feel like I’ve been posting nothing but construction shots for months. I’d like to start posting completion shots, so bear with me for a few more days.

We’ve had a little free time to visit some of our favorite spots near Five Islands. On Tuesday, we went to the General Store for our lunch break. On the way home we stopped at Reid State Park for a little stroll. We now have a pass for every Maine state park that allows in a car with up to 16 people. So we can drop by Reid whenever we want to. The park has 2 beautiful beaches and a lagoon. There are paths through the dunes and lots of rocks to climb on. We found a bench and soaked up a little sun before getting back to work.

Approaching the beach at Reid State Park

Reid State Park

Yesterday, we stopped in to visit the Coveside Bed & Breakfast on North End Rd in Five Islands. Tom and Carolyn run this gorgeous B&B on Gott’s Cove. They are also the winning bidders on a dinner for four at our house later this month. We donated the dinner to the Georgetown Historical Society’s annual charity auction. So we wanted to chat with Tom and Carolyn about the dinner and other island dining ideas. I couldn’t resist taking some shots of the views from their beautiful patio.

View of Gott's Cove from Coveside B&B

The house is also lovely, as are the gardens throughout the property.

Coveside B&B

Finally, I should note that all of our various animals made it to Five Islands safely. Admittedly, there were some scary moments the first couple of days. Our cat, Peanut, disappeared the first night and didn’t re-appear for 48 hours. We weren’t sure if he’d somehow escaped or was trapped in between the walls. He now comes out a couple of times a day, usually in the early morning and in the evening. But otherwise he has a very good hiding place upstairs, probably under the floor between the joists. Olive, our other cat, seems quite content. The dogs are lovin’ life on the island. There are exotic creatures such as the elusive chipmunk to keep their walks exciting. And the lack of any bus traffic on Lewis Rd is conducive to lots of relaxation on our little porch. Here they are chilling under the new bar (soon to be Robert’s preferred rest spot).

Beagles relaxing

Well, that’s my report for now. I hope to have some shots of the interior next week to share.

More shingle shots

February 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Gable end facing gully

Shingles below kitchen and bath windows

Northeast corner

Bob and his team have been busy this week

December 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

Check out the photos Bob just sent me. He and his team are transforming the little house completely. It’s going to be gorgeous!

The new chimney is very distinctive. Much better than that old plywood surround.

New roof, trim, and chimney

The rotted cedar shingles are disappearing in preparation for the new ones.

No more rotting porch and shingles

Goodbye ugly kitchen!

Gutted kitchen

Goodbye upstairs walls! Goodbye toilet!

Second floor

Upstairs bedroom

Hello great room!

Former dining room

New roof stands up to the big storm

December 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

Bob sent me some pictures of the new roof and trim this morning. Despite the very high winds yesterday, it held up just fine. The scaffolding around the chimney is for the mason, who will come later this week to build a brick surround to cover up the cinder blocks.

Street side of house after snow

Street side with new trim along roof line

You can see the new trim around the A dormers and along the roof line. Very nice.

And along the gable end of the house nearest the driveway.

I also spoke to our neighbor, Rich Start, this morning. He said they got about 8-10 inches of snow, not as much as predicted. But the winds were dangerously high. He said they are feeling lucky not to have lost power.

And I just ordered our first oil tank fill up. I can’t wait until we can enjoy the benefits of second home ownership and not just the expenses.

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