I couldn’t resist

May 23, 2012 § 1 Comment

The dogs are enjoying the beautiful spring weather. Especially Boogie, who can generally be trusted to stay close by while we’re working in the garden. Last weekend was spectacular, so Rocket joined us in the garden for a bit of sunbathing. Boogie particularly likes to lay in the road where it’s nice and warm in the sun. Of course, pretty soon the summer folk will return, and the “traffic” will pick up. Then we’ll have to keep everyone safely inside their fenced yard. For now, Boogie and Rocket are soaking up the rays and their relative freedom. For those of you looking for our eldest, Wrigley, he’s got a bad back so he spends his time laying in the sunny spot right inside the sliding door.





Autumn in Maine?

December 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

The weather has been absolutely amazing for weeks now. Today, the 5th of December, was 50 degrees and sunny. We’ve had days in the low 60s recently. I thought I would share some miscellaneous shots from our walks over the last week or two. Each lovely day seems like a gift, as we’ve been trained to expect horrible weather in Maine by now. Maybe people have just been spreading rumors about Maine winters to keep the rabble away.

The one exception to the warm weather came a couple of days before Thanksgiving. A storm dumped about 6 inches of snow in Bath and more west of us. Fortunately, there was no snow to speak of in Five Islands and we didn’t lose power. But when we went to dinner on Thanksgiving day, we were shocked to find a winter wonderland only a few miles up the road from us. Dinner at the Squire Tarbox Inn was great by the way.


Coming together, slowly

July 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

We’ve been in Five Islands for a month today and it’s starting to feel like home. We are particularly loving the mostly comfortable temperatures (especially compared with the temps in DC). Most days start out chilly and turn warm and sunny. Occasionally it stays chilly and grey all day. The week of the big heat wave, it was hot, but not intolerable, thanks to the breeze off of the Sheepscot River.

Anyway, we are continuing to touch up paint and do other small jobs. Robert started cleaning the upstairs this week, no small job. It’s a wreck up there, but we have company arriving this week and we’re hoping to stick the kids up there. Hopefully the television will distract them from the crumbling drywall and dangling insulation.

Here are some pictures from downstairs as things come together.

Sitting area of great room

Settee and chair from Country Farm in Bath/Dash & Albert rug

Dining area of great room/Dash & Albert rug

First meal at the bar

Bug spray and fish hooks

We are trying to get the yard shaped up just a little bit. Robert has improved the entrance, which you can see in this shot of Rocket and Wrigley on the porch.

Wrigley and Rocket lounging

And Chad built us a temporary gate to get in and out of the temporary fence.

Temporary gate

And a few more outside pics. Our friend, Sara, and I had a chance to go to the beach at Reid State Park on Sunday. It was hot and wonderful. The water was even a little warmer than frigid.

Boogie and Wrigley

Beach at Reid State Park

And, thanks to Sara, we made a trip to the wonderful Coastal Maine Botanical Garden. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting the mid coast.

Ferns at the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden

That’s all for now. I’ll try to get some more pics of the bedrooms up soon.

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