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September 3, 2010 § 1 Comment

Well, it’s still not a sure thing. Although we’re under contract, the sale is contingent on the home inspection and our financing. That’s enough to keep me up at night. We head up to Maine on Tuesday morning for the inspection and meetings with a couple of contractors.

I thought I’d post a few of the “before” pictures to give you a sense of the layout and condition of the place. Note that these pictures actually look better than the reality. Somehow those pretty yellow cabinets in the kitchen just look good on film. In person, they are ghastly. And let’s not even talk about the faux brick vinyl flooring throughout the downstairs.

View of kitchen from side door

There’s only subflooring upstairs, which I assume means the sellers had to rip up damaged carpet. There is also evidence of an animal having lived upstairs, i.e., poop and an empty trap. You can’t blame the critter. I hear it gets pretty cold in Maine during the winter time.

Upstairs bedroom

There is a hideous wood stove in the corner of the living room. It seems as though someone just bricked up the corner in order to plug in the stove. Again, those cold winters.

View into living room from front door

The good news is that the floor in the living room looks pretty good and it’s a big room, stretching from the front to the back of the house (24’x13′). I think we will build a wall in the middle to make another bedroom and an office. Then the dining room and kitchen will become the “great room”.

Other end of the living room

There is a full bath downstairs that needs a major overhaul. There is a toilet upstairs; that’s right, a toilet. No sink, just a toilet.

Upstairs toilet

Well, you get the picture. It’s a “fixer upper”. Stay tuned for the inspection report back. Hopefully it’s not actually an “about to fall downer”.

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