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September 8, 2010 § 1 Comment

Well, we just got home (to our first home, that is) after a very long 36 hours. We set out yesterday morning at 7 a.m. to fly from BWI to Manchester, NH, and then to drive the two hours, give or take, to Five Islands. We arrived at 35 Lewis Road just in time for the home inspection.

The very nice inspector, Eric, had already located the sectic tank. Yay! Actually, it was not as disgusting as you might expect, perhaps because no one has lived in the house for a whole year. Here’s a picture of the entrance to the tank.

Our new septic tank

I won’t bore you with the blow by blow. Suffice to say that there were no catastrophic problems with the house, just some basic repairs that we expected. The roof is shot; two sides of the house need re-shingling; the back yard needs regrading to take water away from the foundation; some trees need trimming. Here’s the front of the house. You can see the bad shingles around the door.

Front of the house

The neighbor’s yard is still filled with bags of cans and other junk. A fence and tall shrubs are on the priority list.


But their cat, Bobby, is quite friendly. He hung with us throughout the septic inspection. Notice the lack of a tail on that guy.

Our wonderful agent, Jason, arranged to have two contractors come by. So we walked through our wish list with each of them. Hopefully they’ll get back to us with bids in the next couple of weeks. We’re starting to think that our budget might only allow for the most important structural repairs and upgrades. We want to dormer the upstairs to create more space in the two bedrooms and to make room for a 3/4 bath. So I think we’d have them build the dormer and put on the new roof, but leave the upstairs rough on the inside for awhile.

Anyway, more ideas to come. Fingers are still crossed. We aren’t scheduled to close until October 29. It could all fall apart before then.

One more shot of lovely Lewis Road.

Nirvana is just around that bend

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