Renovations start this week AND a contest

December 1, 2010 § 5 Comments


Bob the Builder

The little house has been sitting empty and lonely since October (with a visit from Bob the builder and one of the neighbors to check on things after a big Nor’easter in early November). And Mr. Jorgensen, a local landscape guy, did some work to clear away all the brush and debris after the tree work was done. So I assume it looks very tidy now. I hope the squirrels and chipmunks are keeping the inside tidy too.

I’ll see for myself tomorrow when I arrive in the afternoon. Yay! A little winter getaway in Five Islands, just what the doctor ordered.

Things are about to get very busy on Lewis Road. Bob the builder starts work this week. Already there seems to be a delay because of the massive storm moving up the coast (it’s pouring in Silver Spring as I type). Bob doesn’t want to start removing the roof shingles ahead of high winds and downpours. So, the dumpster has arrived and materials are on the way.

My lovely niece, Katy (did I mention that I helped bring her into the world as her mom’s Lamaze coach?), is going with me. Because she and her lovely husband, Mark, are going to help out with some of the inside work like flooring, tile, cabinets, she needs to get an up close look at things. We’ll do some measuring and paint sampling. We might even demolish a wall or two. More importantly, I will introduce her to all that is fabulous about Maine and Five Islands. Bath, our nearest town, is having its big Christmas festival this weekend, so there will be a sort of art walk on Friday night. We’ll get our fill of watercolor landscapes of the Maine coast and hot cider.

So check back this weekend for winter pictures of the house and Five Islands. And now, on to the contest. . .

Our little house needs a name. We discovered a piece of weathered wood next to the back door with what must have been a previous resident’s attempt at a name plate. You can just barely make out the words “Ocean Glimpse” sketched in pencil on the wood. That’s actually quite an appropriate name since from that side of the house you can just see a glimpse of the water. Of course, it’s not technically ocean, it’s the Sheepscot River on its way to the ocean.

We might stick with the name, but we’d like to consider some other options. Thus, the contest. Suggest names in the Comments section and if we pick your entry, you will win a beautiful set of lobster claw salt and pepper shakers like these:

Let the creative thinking begin. To get your juices flowing, here are some common themes in vacation cottage nomenclature: Maine coast as paradise on earth (of course), sunshine, ocean breezes, pine trees, mosquitoes, rocks, lobsters, cocktails . . . .

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