End of the season at the dock

October 12, 2011 § 1 Comment

Last weekend was the final one for the Five Islands Lobster Co. pound and snack bar. Since we were there for the first weekend of the season (Mother’s Day), we thought it appropriate to have lunch on the final day (Columbus Day). The weather all weekend was absolutely gorgeous, even summer like, with temperatures in the 80s. The only drawback was the emergence of deer flies with the warm weather. Anyway, lunch on the dock did not disappoint.

Last day at the Love Nest

Nothing left but vanilla

Lobstermen keep bringing in their catch

Hendricks Head Light

Colors of fall in Five Islands

Until next spring


Summer fun with friends

September 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

We had a passel of visitors in August and early September, so I haven’t had much time to blog about our adventures. Here is a quick photo round up of our visits with Shelley, Mike, and Mari; Tom, Sandy, and Belinda; and Steve and Christine. In that order.

Our visit with Shelley, Mike, and Mari included a trip to Damariscotta and the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse and a day at the beach at Reid State Park.

Pemaquid Point Light

Mari at Pemaquid Point

The beach at Pemaquid Point was filled with rock sculptures.

Mari exploring the shallows at Reid S.P. beach

When Tom and Sandy arrived just a few days later, we decided to head back to Damariscotta and Pemaquid.

Tom and Sandy in the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

Sadly, all the rock sculptures were gone.

Pemaquid Point

Tom and Robert at Pemaquid Point

One day we had lunch at the Osprey Restaurant at Robinhood Cove Marina in Georgetown. We almost lost Tom to an unfortunate hook accident.

Of course, once Belinda arrived later in the week, the drinking began in earnest.

How many times have we eaten at the dock? I’ve lost count.

Tom at Five Islands Lobster Co.

And then Steve and Christine arrived and it was time to head back to the dock. Gosh, what to order . . .

Steve and Christine at the dock

We squeezed in some culture–Edward Hopper exhibit at Bowdoin–and a wonderful sailing trip out of Baileys Island on the Harpswell Peninsula.

Steve, Christine, and Robert in front of Bowdoin mascot

The sailboat Tevake

Robert working on his relaxation technique

I believe a good time was had by all. We certainly loved having all of our friends visit us in our new home. Thanks everybody for the great times!

What to cook on the new range, hmmmm . . .

May 12, 2011 § 1 Comment

Robert and his first lobster of the spring.

You knew it wouldn’t take long from the time the delivery guys installed the new range until Robert located some lobsters to steam on his new “power burner”. That beautiful specimen (the crustacean, that is) had just come out of the water and was on its way to the pot.

And, Robert has a new source for lobsters right next door. Our neighbor, Chris, is a commercial lobsterman. So although he can’t supply our lobster needs, he has lots of buddies in the neighborhood who can. We tested this out on Thursday afternoon. We had called another neighbor who thought she could locate us some lobsters on short notice, but couldn’t track anyone down. So Robert called Chris who said “let me make a call” and hung up. Robert’s phone rang in less than 5 minutes, and Chris said that his buddy Jimbo was on his way in to the dock and we could meet him there in 15 minutes to make a pick up. Sounds a little shady, I realize. But it’s all above board. Of course, Robert rushed us all into the car (we were in Bath at this point, 12 miles from the dock) and sped down to Five Islands for the rendezvous with Jimbo. Sure enough, Chris and his girlfriend Nikki were at the dock already, so they could make the introductions. Chris had taken his dinghy out to Jimbo’s boat to grab three lobsters for us and was on his way back in. We met Jimbo and his sternman Henry. Jimbo said we can meet him at the dock whenever he’s coming in and he’ll give us a good deal on his catch. Sweet!

So we took 3 lobsters, all around 1.5 pounds, home for dinner. Robert dispatched them as humanely as he knows how to and steamed them up for a lovely lobster and cream sauce over pasta. There was enough left over for lobster rolls for lunch the next day.

This is the life.

Lobster pasta for dinner.

Lobster leftovers. Not too shabby.

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