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This evening we walked down to the dock with the dogs under bright blue skies with nary a cloud. It was a warm day that turned breezy in the afternoon and smelled like the ocean. It felt like summer. But when we turned the corner at Old Schoolhouse and 127, the parking lot in front of the Love Nest was almost empty for the first time in weeks. I guess that’s it. Summer’s over. Apparently the kids have gone back to school, and the height of vacation season has passed.

I know some of our neighbors are probably rejoicing. It’s been pretty lively around here, with tourists cruising Old Schoolhouse looking for parking, lots of curious daytrippers poking down our little road looking for views I guess, noisy motorcycles and fast cars roaring up and down 127, late night fireworks, and earth-shaking cannon fire at all hours (don’t ask). Still, I felt a little sad to see that near empty parking lot on such a perfectly summery day.

But the end of the season brings its own joys. If we’re lucky, the warm weather will continue for months, before giving way to a mild winter (like it did last year–thanks la niƱa). That way we can enjoy the silence of the off season, but with the warm air and ocean breezes. Boogie can go back to laying in the middle of the road.

I’m still way behind in the blogging department, so once again, I’m just going to pop in some of my favorite shots from recent weeks. We’ve had more wonderful visitors and a few fun adventures.

We had the pleasure of Belinda’s company again. And we took a drive down to Popham Beach for a short hike and a long lunch at North Creek Farm. This place is absolutely wonderful, truly. I don’t know why we don’t go more often. It’s a small house with a hodge podge of stuff for sale, including fresh produce, seeds, herbs and spices, beer, wine, bags, toys, and on and on. They serve a short list of sandwiches, soups, and salads for lunch. You place your order and then head out the back door to grab a table in the garden amongst the vegetable and flower beds. While you wait for your lunch, you are serenaded by a large flock of fancy chickens. We visited on a glorious, warm day and had delicious food and great fun.

Oh, and the butterflies were out in full force.

I like the shot below because I was trying to capture the butterfly bush, and ended up catching a butterfly in the upper right corner.

We also had our dear friends Glenn, Rebecca, and Liam visit in early August. We spent one day at an all-day music festival in Portland, where Liam proved he is the most easy-going lad in the land, not to mention a real rock-a-saurus.

We’ve also been tending our vegetable beds and were gratified to finally harvest tomatoes starting about a week ago.

This is going to be a short tomato season, so we’re enjoying them to their fullest. Oh, and there is more zucchini than we can possible eat.

There was a lovely boat ride to Newagon Harbor with Belinda and Jim, a delicious birthday dinner for Robert at Tao in Brunswick, a visit to the Bowdoin Museum of Art, and much more. Oh, and Robert built a rock wall around our new garden bed. It will all have to wait. For now, I’m all blogged out.


Back to Five Islands

March 15, 2012 § 1 Comment

Well, we made it back to Five Islands late last month just in time for an early spring. While we’re happy to be back in our little cottage on the rocks, it was very difficult to say goodbye to our dear friends back in Maryland/DC/VA.

When we came up here for the initial six months, we fully expected to return to life in Silver Spring in January. So, while we missed our friends and neighbors, we were enjoying the adventure of a temporary Maine life. But, as plans are wont to do, ours changed along about December, and we made the decision to move to Maine indefinitely.

We went home to Maryland in January knowing that we would be packing, storing, or tossing 20 years worth of stuff and preparing for a real move. All this corresponded with our busiest period of paid work since we started our business about 14 months ago. So that last couple of weeks in Silver Spring was incredibly busy and stressful. In fact, I’m not sure we would have survived the move without help from Tom, Sandy, Charlie, Jim, and Shelley, who either helped us pack or rode along and unpacked at this end.

We packed in several lovely evenings with friends before the departure. I shed many tears as we said our goodbyes. Frankly, I was a blubbering mess. And it wasn’t just the people. I realized how much I do love that old house on Thayer Avenue, not to mention Thayer Avenue. But I am confident that we’ll be back there at some point, and we’ll be spending quality time with our friends during frequent visits to DC. And of course, they all know there is a lovely guest room waiting for them in Five Islands, not to mention a cocktail or two.

So on to the next adventure. Maine, what have you got in store for us?

Within days of our return, the biggest snowstorm of the winter dropped 10 inches on us. It was a lovely, dry, sweepable snow that melted within a couple of days.

Within days of the big snow, the sun was out and the temperature was up to almost 60 degrees. One morning I spotted a bald eagle flying over the river in front of our neighbor’s house. I went out to see if I could get a picture and spotted two adults on a large nest on Hen Island. The nest is too far away for me to get a good picture of the pair, but I can see them well with my binoculars (the perfect Christmas gift: thanks Robert). Here’s a shot of Crow Island. The nest is in the top of the tree behind the house (which is actually on Little Crow). In the shot below this one, if you look closely, you can see a white spot in the nest. That’s the eagle’s head.

It’s been fun keeping tabs on the pair. Yesterday one of them landed on the osprey nest that sits atop a platform in front of Little Crow. It seemed to be eating a fish and I ran for my camera, only to find the battery completely dead. Doh!

The dogs are happy to be back in Maine. Boogie is in his element. He loves being off leash and running around in the woods looking for chipmunks and red squirrels. He is perpetually ready to play. I see a trip to Reid State Park in his near future.

And the full circle of life plays out right here on Lewis Road. Since we’ve been back the cats have killed two mice. The last kill was particularly gruesome, so I’ll spare you the details. But suffice to say these two are brutal. Here’s Olive recovering from a night of mouse hunting. Trust me, she’s ferocious.

Okay, my camera is poised to capture some new adventures in Five Islands and beyond. I’m pretty excited about Maine Maple Sunday on March 25th when we get to visit sugar shacks, see how they make maple syrup, and sample the results. Maybe I’ll pick up a jug or two.

Summer fun with friends

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We had a passel of visitors in August and early September, so I haven’t had much time to blog about our adventures. Here is a quick photo round up of our visits with Shelley, Mike, and Mari; Tom, Sandy, and Belinda; and Steve and Christine. In that order.

Our visit with Shelley, Mike, and Mari included a trip to Damariscotta and the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse and a day at the beach at Reid State Park.

Pemaquid Point Light

Mari at Pemaquid Point

The beach at Pemaquid Point was filled with rock sculptures.

Mari exploring the shallows at Reid S.P. beach

When Tom and Sandy arrived just a few days later, we decided to head back to Damariscotta and Pemaquid.

Tom and Sandy in the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

Sadly, all the rock sculptures were gone.

Pemaquid Point

Tom and Robert at Pemaquid Point

One day we had lunch at the Osprey Restaurant at Robinhood Cove Marina in Georgetown. We almost lost Tom to an unfortunate hook accident.

Of course, once Belinda arrived later in the week, the drinking began in earnest.

How many times have we eaten at the dock? I’ve lost count.

Tom at Five Islands Lobster Co.

And then Steve and Christine arrived and it was time to head back to the dock. Gosh, what to order . . .

Steve and Christine at the dock

We squeezed in some culture–Edward Hopper exhibit at Bowdoin–and a wonderful sailing trip out of Baileys Island on the Harpswell Peninsula.

Steve, Christine, and Robert in front of Bowdoin mascot

The sailboat Tevake

Robert working on his relaxation technique

I believe a good time was had by all. We certainly loved having all of our friends visit us in our new home. Thanks everybody for the great times!

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