Upstairs next steps

October 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

Forgive the super boring post on drywall. This is mainly for Katy, who is helping me decide on paint colors.

Our friendly handy person, Chad, has made great progress upstairs since last I posted. After the mold was remediated and the insulation went in, Chad installed drywall. We toyed with the idea of beadboard on the slopes and ceiling, but decided it was not in the budget. So, we’ll have acres of smooth drywall overhead for now. The drywall is almost finished and next week it will be time to slap up some paint. Here’s what it looks like now.

View from top of the stairs into lounge (south gable end)

Looking back at the stairs (Boogie stretching)

Window seat in lounge

Skylight in lounge

Area at top of stairs, door to office

Looking into office (closets surround window in gable end)

Window seat in office (desk will be to left, closets to right)

Office (my desk goes here)

Down the stairs

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