Missing Georgetown

January 15, 2012 § 1 Comment

Alas, we finally had to end what I’ll call Phase I of our transition to Maine life. The exciting news is that our first 6 months in Georgetown cemented our devotion to the place. So we’re going to make it what Robert calls “semi-permanent”. The trouble is we are also devoted to our home in Silver Spring, so we don’t want to sell it or say we’re not going back (thus the “semi” in “semi-permanent”). But for the foreseeable future, we’re going to make our home in Maine.

Thus, Phase II. We have to pack up the rest (or shall I say the bulk) of our belongings in Silver Spring and either store them or bring them to the significantly smaller house in Maine. So, we have come back to Silver Spring for several weeks to make our arrangements, rent out this house, and soak up city life. Don’t worry, our wonderful Five Islands neighbors are watching our little cottage on the rocks. I fear the mice and squirrels are also watching it, and moving in, but what are you gonna do.

Anyway, I am missing Georgetown even as I’m enjoying being back in Silver Spring. The joys of walking to every possible amenity, socializing with neighbors who we’ve missed terribly–not to mention all of our dear friends–has been a pleasure. And don’t get me started on my house and my yard here. I admit, I didn’t appreciate them before I got back last week and realized how wonderful this old place is.

But, the Sheepscot River beckons. I get my fix by checking the Bath weather cam occasionally. They got about 6 inches of snow and a nasty layer of ice earlier this week, so the picture has been of a frozen Kennebec River. You see Arrowsic and the mouth of the Sasanoa River across the way. I’m going to have to talk to the Selectmen about setting up a web cam at Five Islands.


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  • Greeny says:

    We are sad to see you go, yet excited for your next chapter. Planning our next visit now! Love your writing, Amy – very nice.

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