Harvest Moon

September 12, 2011 § 1 Comment

Harvest Moon over Crow Island

We had the good fortune to watch the Harvest Moon rise from the porch of one of our neighbors this evening. Her house is hard by the Sheepscot River with a beautiful view of Crow Island and the osprey’s nest atop a pole at the foot of the Crow Island dock. Our neighbors–Carol, Rich, and Kristen–joined us to celebrate this once-a-year event. While we waited for the moon to rise, the parent osprey brought a fish to the nest and then decided to carry it to a nearby tree to enjoy for itself.

For those not in the know, the Harvest Moon is the full moon nearest to the autumnal equinox. Because this full moon rises so close to sunset, farmers could extend their workday during the all-important harvest period, thus the name. A beautiful sight to behold. I’m sure my photography does not do it justice, but I tried.

Looking up the Sheepscot at sunset





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  • Tanja says:

    It was beautiful, wasn’t it!! Takes your breath away. My sister in law Linda Tharp Tsao is an artist in NY and has painted this event over Big Crow many times. We have one in the house. There is something about the dark sharp shadows of the pines against the sky (kind of a warning)….and the color and the brilliant shining light above. It stirs the soul. Such contrast between stark darkness and bright light. Maine is so full of these extreme contrasts. The lines are always so sharp between the contrast here in Maine (something I love about it!). Stay a full winter here and you will understand even more. The contrast between the fun/beautiful summer soon stops and the cold/sharp/grey sets in. You have to wonder why everyone leaves in the Winter! It’s no joke. I wonder sometimes if I will even make it throught the cold and ice. You have to hold on tight to the beauty of summer to sometimes make in through the winter. Thank you for sharing the photos!

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