Summer in Maine

August 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Now that we’re settled in, the focus of my blog will shift to the “adventures” in Five Islands and beyond. Although we’re still working on the house, it’s less of an obsession. Of course, as we make progress on the house, I’ll chronicle it here. But, forgive me as this becomes more an account of our time in Maine if what you’re really interested in is house renovations.

They say that Maine is Vacationland. We’re actually doing our regular jobs (so that we can keep paying the mortgage and buying paint–and because we like our jobs) in addition to spending a little time vacationing whenever our friends come to visit. It’s a tough balancing act, but we’re giving it our all. We know it will get lonely after September when fewer friends come calling. This was one of our rare weekends without guests, so we got some work done on the yard, the cellar, and squeezed in some real work too. It helped that the weather today was very gray and wet wet wet.

Last weekend, our friends Dana and Craig and their two kids, Jonah and Eve, visited from Illinois. It was very special to have them here because we have been spending our Maine vacations with them for almost ten years. The first time we all came to Maine together, Jonah was only 4 years old and now he’s a teenager. Oy!

We spent a beautiful day on the beach at Reid State Park on Sunday. The weather was beautiful and the water was not quite frigid. Despite growing up near the ocean in Tidewater, Virginia, I’ve never loved the beach. Until now, that is. For me, the Maine beaches are so beautiful because of the variety in the land and seascape. The combination of pine trees, low bushes, rocks, sand, ocean, seaweed, and tide pools is just stunning. My memories of the beaches in Virginia and North Carolina are of long flat strips of sand with rows of houses on stilts lined up facing the waves. So very boring.

Where the pines meet the ocean

Evie racing the waves

Jonah boogie boarding

Alas, Dana and the gang could only stay a couple of nights. We’re hoping to see them again over winter break. By then, the upstairs will be more comfortable for lounging. And next summer, perhaps they can spend a week with us . . . .

Yesterday, we made it up to the Bath Farmers’ Market pretty early. This has become our Saturday ritual: head for Bath by about 9 a.m. Stop in at Cafe Creme for a coffee (iced if it’s hot out). And then hit the market. It is a small market, but they’ve got everything you need from meats to cheeses to fresh fruit and veg. From Bath, we headed to Topsham to visit Bisson and Son’s Meat Market. This place is a classic meat market that seems to have been run by the same family for eons. The cows are happily grazing in the pasture right around back (and out front), so you can rest assured that this is not industrially raised meat and dairy products. The prices are ridiculously low too, I guess because there’s no overhead associated with getting their products onto store shelves.

Bisson and Sons

Cows at Bisson's

Of course, a trip out to Topsham wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t stop at Target. I will be so happy when our little house is fully kitted out and we don’t have to go to Target or Home Depot or Lowes or whatever so often.

Anyway, we finally got home and unloaded all of our loot, including these lovely vegetables from our local farmers.

Bounty of the Bath Farmers' Market

That’s all for now.


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