It is what it is . . .

May 6, 2011 § 1 Comment

These five simple words have become our mantra this week. Who knew that do-it-yourself home renovation could be so complicated? Actually, we all knew. We’ve watched “This Old House”. We know those guys are geniuses. And yet, we thought we could zip up to Five Islands and throw together a bathroom. HA!

Well, friends, today is the first day I’ve had even a moment to blog about our attempts at renovation. I can’t even upload any pictures right now because the camera cable is somewhere else.

What we thought would be a two-night hotel stay before moving over to our comfy cottage “on the rocks” has turned into a five-night stay. (The first two nights we spent in the Fairfield Inn in Brunswick complements of Mark’s Marriot points, thanks Mark; last three nights at the Hampton Inn in Bath at a very nice military discount, thanks again Mark.) Today we check out of the hotel, confident that Mark will install a working toilet in the house and we will have a semi-clean place to lay our heads tonight. Never mind an actual shower. We gave up on that days ago. (Knock on wood re that toilet situation.)

I don’t have the time or energy to describe the waking nightmare that was the application of the custom blended glass mosaic tiles to the bathroom floor (mostly Mark and Katy’s nightmare unfortunately). Really the tale must be accompanied with pictures. So I’ll save it for the road back to Silver Spring. Suffice to say, the floor is down and grouted and actually looks stunning. Miracle of miracles.

Bob the builder had installed those Ikea cabinets, so we put together and installed the drawers and doors. Looks lovely. There is a truly rustic plywood countertop in place for the moment and a working sink. So we do have the all-important running water. Hot and cold even.

We have all of our appliances and all are working except the dishwasher, which simply needs a water line. It’s a little surreal actually washing clothes in Five Islands. A washer and dryer (and the dishwasher) are rare luxuries down there. It doesn’t make sense from an environmental standpoint because using an energy efficient dishwasher uses much less water than hand washing, but it seems not to be part of the “island” culture.

Painting began yesterday, after Robert primed just about the whole downstairs. The colors are up in the two bedrooms, and you’ll just have to wait for pictures. They look beautiful.

Today is our last work day. We’re taking tomorrow off because it’s the big May Fair in Bath. There will be a street party with dancing around a May Pole (?!?) and lots of sales in the Maine Street shops. So the pressure is on to finish up the painting today, get the toilet in, and get beds put together so we can sleep there tonight. Wish us luck.

Pictures coming soon.


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  • Shelley says:

    GOOD LUCK! Trying to send positive vibes via the Internet for toilet joy and that your arms won’t be exhausted from painting all day! Enjoy the May Fair–sounds a bit British!

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