Gourmet kitchen in the works

March 2, 2011 § 1 Comment

Well, yesterday we actually put together two of the most difficult cabinets, the corner cabinets with lazy susans. Then we gave up and went to dinner in Bath. We didn’t get as much cabinet building done as we hoped to. Consequently, Robert thought we’d never finish the cabinets before heading home tomorrow. But, alas, we were a cracking great team today and completed the other 7 cabinets! Check ’em out:

Kitchen cabinets coming together

A few shots of the new windows from the inside:

Kitchen windows facing Lewis Road

Kitchen windows facing driveway

Looking into the great room from the kitchen

I am thrilled with all the new windows in the house. The interior sashes are wood and the exterior are a color called sandtone, a sort of gray brown. I am so glad I opted for the sandtone instead of white. Right now the trim around the windows and doors and all the corner boards, etc., is white. But that’s just until we have them painted in the spring. I’m thinking about a sage green for the trim, a color that will work with the sandtone, and maybe red for the doors. Inside, we’ll leave the window sashes as they are I think.

Anyway, we took a break from cabinet assembly to have a little lunch and a walk down to the dock. Five Islands was quiet, but not dead. There are still some year round folks coming and going. There is snow everywhere, what some might call a winter wonderland (and others might call a slushy, salty, sandy mess).

Lewis Road

Lewis Road neighbor

Perhaps the highlight of our little stroll was the flock of ducks down at the dock that were downright pushy. They rushed us as we rounded the corner onto rt. 127.

Someone has clearly been feeding these ducks. They are very demanding, so much so that Robert felt obliged to go back to the house and get them some bread. While I waited for his return, the ducks eyed me menacingly.

Where is our food?

After our walk, it was back to work. We finished the rest of the cabinets by about 6:30 p.m. We felt such a feat deserved a nice dinner out, so we went into Bath for a meal at Solo Bistro, our favorite local restaurant. It did not disappoint. More on our latest adventures tomorrow.


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§ One Response to Gourmet kitchen in the works

  • Shelley says:

    Cabinets and ducks–adorable.
    So . . . you obviously have Internet access? Or are you blogging from Starbucks or something?
    Everything, seriously, looks gorgeous.

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