Work has begun at 35 Lewis Road

December 14, 2010 § 2 Comments

Bob’s team (Benny) has finished the roof on the street side, framed the skylights, and installed the trim on the driveway side (that’s the “gable end” of the house, thank you Bob).

Unfortunately it rained all day Monday in Georgetown, so they didn’t get any work done. But Bob tells me the skylights are in, so they should get those installed today or tomorrow. The rest of the windows are supposed to arrive this week.

Katy and I set a good example the weekend before last when we demolished the knee walls in one of the upstairs bedrooms. I have to say, demolition is very therapeutic. We also put up several colors throughout the house. We’re leaning towards shades of orange upstairs and greens downstairs.

Upstairs bedroom

We would have knocked out all the drywall on the second floor except for the mess. We promised Bob we would clean up any construction debris we created. The knocking down is super easy. It’s the carting the debris out to the dumpster that sucks. So we stuck to one room upstairs. In December, when we have Mark and Robert to do our bidding, we’ll gut the whole second floor.

Upstairs bedroom

The plan is to take down all the walls upstairs to create a sort of “loft” space up there. Perhaps Mark will build some window seats in the A dormers and built in shelving in the knee walls. We’ll definitely take down all the extraneous trim throughout the house. Katy got us started already.

I’ll post pictures of the construction as they come in. In the meantime, keep those cottage names coming. We’ll announce the winner before we head back up there in late December.


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§ 2 Responses to Work has begun at 35 Lewis Road

  • Shelley says:

    This is beyond thrilling–and the thought of you with a sledgehammer knocking down walls–wow! Yes–sounds very therapeutic! Love the color choices and am already imagining you curled up with a dog or two in a windowseat reading and sipping tea on a warm spring evening . . . or fall, if construction goes the way it usually does! Keep the pics coming, they are inspiring!

  • Janet says:

    Love your blog. I stumbled upon it when Googling “Five Islands”. We have (had) a cottage on Ledgemere but it burned down last February. We are rebuilding. If you need any info/help or anything let me know, although it sounds like you are well on your way..
    Congrats on your new house. Will you be year rounders or summer folk like me?

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