35 Lewis Road is ours!!

October 24, 2010 § 2 Comments

35 Lewis Road, October 22, 2010

Finally! All my obsessing has found an outlet (Robert says “like you’re going to stop obsessing?!”). We drove up to Maine on Thursday last. We made it in record time, 9 hours from door to door (737 to the Hampton Inn in Bath that is). Last August, it took us 12 hours just to get to Portland, which is about 45 minutes south of Bath.

The autumn color is really beautiful. For several pictures from the trip, you can go here. We’ve never been to New England this time of year, and now I can see what all the leaf peeping is all about.

Five Islands in autumn

Friday morning we went down to Five Islands to walk through the house with our agent, Jason. Although the contract states that the seller must leave the property “broom clean”, it was still a bit of a mess. Several pieces of falling apart furniture, mouse poop, and squirrel stuff (acorns, etc.). A threat to withhold payment of the fuel proration (the cost of the oil and propane left in the tanks), led the sellers’ agent to get the big items out before closing at 1 p.m. But they kindly left behind the mouse poop and squirrel leavings.

We made time for a little shopping in Bath between the walk through and the closing in Portland. There is a nice little furniture store on Maine Street called Country Farm (I know, not quite Design Within Reach), that had perfectly fine platform beds in stock. So we sprang for a full size platform bed, so that we wouldn’t have to put our new mattress on the floor. And the nice folks at Country Farm agreed to drop off the frame in our driveway that afternoon.

So we headed for Portland and made it to the title company just in time for closing. Finally, we met the sellers, who are also our new neighbors since they sold us half of their lot and continue to own the property next door to us. They seem like a nice (libertarian) couple. Lots of awkward jokes by Mr. seller about terrorists and Janet Napolitano.

Future anxiety inducing item: the boundary drawing that came with our mortgage inspection is completely bogus. So our boundary is still very unclear. A true survey (class A) that would identify our exact boundaries would have cost us about $2500, so we opted to rely on the $200 class D survey that comes with the mortgage inspection. And of course when we all saw it during closing, it was clear it has no relation to the actual boundary. So, when it’s time to put up our fence, we’ll have to agree on the location of the boundary with the sellers/neighbors.

Anyway, we finished up the closing and headed for Target to purchase more necessities: television, toilet paper, . . . Then on to Whole Foods for staples (champagne vinegar and premium olive oil). And then we had to pick up the mattress at Portland Mattress Makers. I have to say, that was the worst idea I’ve had in a while. The drive from Portland to Five Islands is really too far to drive with a mattress strapped to the roof (especially when there are mattress stores in Bath that would probably have delivered the thing for free). Yes, I was seduced by the notion of buying a mattress actually “made” in Portland, but NOT WORTH IT. Who knew? Anyway, something about strapping the thing to the roof made the driver side front window break. So we now have to get that repaired before we head home and it made for a very chilly (and slow) drive home. I probably lost 2 weeks due to life shortening anxiety on that drive.

But, we made it. And then we carried all of our loot into the house and set about putting together the bed frame and a couple of chairs. We washed some dishes and Robert cooked our first meal in the new house.

Chef at work

Eighteen raw local oysters, seared skirt steak, and arugula from our garden in Silver Spring made a fabulous feast. And then we passed out. Although I thought the house would be really cold, the heat works incredibly well. So we were very toasty.

On Saturday, Bob the tree guy came out and got to work taking down several pine trees leaning too close to the house. We will now get so much sun on the east and south sides of the house. And the tree guys cleaned up two of our one hundred year old oaks in the back yard.

Oak trees trimmed up

We finished putting together our new dining table and one easy chair on Saturday. Plus another trip into Bath for a little breakfast (at the local Irish pub) and more kitchen essentials (Robert needs “proper” cookware). Back at the house, I did some more cleaning and Robert took a walk down to the dock to buy some lobsters from our neighbor Stephenie (also the sellers’ agent), whose husband is a lobster fisherman. Two 1 1/4 pounders for $10, not bad. The only hiccup that day was that the new TV gets absolutely no reception in Five Islands. So Robert wouldn’t be able to watch baseball or football.

First lobsta dinner in the new house

Which brings me to Sunday at the Black Barnacle Pub on Maine Street in Bath. As I write, Robert is watching the Steelers play the Dolphins. Our builder, Bob, came by this morning. We spent almost 4 hours going over the plans for Phase I of the renovation. I really like Bob. He and I are kindred spirits. He is very detail oriented, which you know I appreciate. We agreed on the roof shingles, siding shingles, trim, and windows. Phase I will be all the exterior work. I just hope there is enough left in the budget to gut the downstairs bathroom so that Katy and Mark can come in December and make it beautiful.

Anyway, I’ve gone on too long. I’ll give you a few more pictures of the beautiful autumn colors and call it a day.

Fall color on Lewis Road

Fall colors along the Back River in Georgetown

Bath, Maine, in autumn


§ 2 Responses to 35 Lewis Road is ours!!

  • Shelley says:

    Dear New Englander,
    Those photos are truly, truly stunning. I am now fangirling over Maine, and can’t wait to visit. The anxiety of the mattress hauling will be funny in a few weeks, and aren’t you glad you have pix to remember the first meal–and not the mouse droppings. Congratulations! The place looks so so gorgeous and I’m so happy for you guys–I can see you enjoying so many happy times and happy meals (lobster, yum!) there.

  • Sara says:

    *Gorgeous.* I’m impressed with how productive you guys have been this weekend, minus the window mishap. That sounds slightly terrifying. And 2 lobsters for $10?!

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